Top 4 Properties Of A Good Advocate

Attempting to handle a complicated legal problem, in the absence of a good advocate involving a large amount of money may not be possible. Advocates play an important role while coaching his clients and educating them with legal information regarding their problems. Applying a set of experienced technical skills on the legal problems of his clients and offering strategic advice to them must be the main focus of a good advocate.

Advocates in Dubai

But how can one find a good advocate? How to found one who can solve his problems effectively, in a short time, and on a cost-effective way? How many potentials and personal skills he might have to educate and guide him until the end of his dispute with the opposing parties? Identifying these four characteristics of a good advocate can help one finding the best coach for his dispute.

Communication Skills:

For advocates in Dubai, KSA, Oman, Qatar and other Gulf countries the communication skills really matter. Also, these skills are important for all of the advocates around the globe. A good advocate must be the best communicator for presenting his client’s problem in front of a panel. He must have the ability to speak clearly and openly for maintaining an approachable manner and friendly environment around the panel.

Understanding the need of client is only possible with friendly communication where he can openly explore all the sides of his problem. Approaching this way to hear client’s problem from all the sides will help the advocate to effectively present the case in front of an arbitrator to have a deep and friendly communication with him.

Self Confidence:

Advocates business are either creating changes in the legal problems of his clients or supporting some changes existing in those problems against the opposing parties. The nature of cases always stay different. A good advocate must be focusing on his skills of influencing the other person’s beliefs and attitude. He must have the ability and self-confidence level to the extent that can motivate the arbitrator’s intentions and behaviour towards all sides of the problem.

Passionate in His Beliefs:

When an advocate possesses strong beliefs regarding the issue he has tope reform for and a passion to accept challenges, this will lead him to overcome all the obstacles. Decision makers and arbitrators are recognizing the advocate’s passion more effectively when they forcefully present arguments with care in front of them.

Advocates in Dubai


A good advocate must easily understand all the issues that exist around his client’s problem. He must be able to perform extensive research on the causes and also have the ability to observe the existing research if someone else has performed. Advocates who are enlightened in their field and have wide knowledge have organized skills of performing their tasks without wasting efforts and time.

Professional experience of advocates in Dubai, however, provides the necessary environment to them so that they can effectively execute their possible plans and incorporate the changes for which they are trying. 

Enlightened and experienced advocates identify all the players and their individual role in the case easily. This way he can easily predict the effectiveness of individual role on the decision of the case. That’s why none of a good advocate participates in the hearing of a case without having a collection of all the facts which can help turning the case decision.


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